Monday, August 6, 2007



A. The taxi companies inspect their own taxis under the guise of Authorised Taxi Inspections Schemes (ATIS).

Unlike moving vessels such as trains, planes, ships and other plant and equipment a taxi cab operator is not obliged under the law to go through a Check List prior to the commencement of a shift, or at any time! This is a deliberate ploy to remove, or at least reduce, the quality control and quality assurance of NSW taxicabs, and it is detrimental to the interests of taxi drivers and their passengers.

B. Taxi companies and radio networks are not answerable to the NSW Department of Transport, and their failure to comply with regulations does not attract any penalties whatsoever!
That's why they are deliberately running down their taxi radio networks, contrary to the interests of the traveling public and taxi drivers. The radio networks make more money if fewer drivers and passengers use their systems due to the guaranteed income protection mechanism built in to the NSW Passenger Transport Acts and Regulations.

C. Despite many valid requests the taxi companies are not obliged to provide a safe workplace under the Duty of Care provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Acts!

Taxi companies collected a lot of money from taxi drivers and passengers under the guise of taxi driver safety and then gave us virtually nothing!

The NSW Ombudsman said, "the Department of Transport is CAPTURED by the NSW Taxi Council".

The NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) said, "the NSW Department of Transport is EVASIVE, not forthcoming".

Taxi drivers believe that the NSW Taxi Council Pty Ltd and Cabcharge Pty Ltd control the NSW Department of Transport!

The NSW Passenger Transport Act and Regulations allow the NSW Taxi Council Pty Ltd, Cabcharge Pty Ltd, taxi companies and taxi networks to get away with murder! The long awaited proposed Transport Regulations continue in this tradition of deliberate negligence and neglect!

Should you wish to have a safe and secure taxi industry, as well as a fair and balanced society, then please ask questions of members of Parliament, the media and community activists about the issues outlined above.

Faruque Ahmed
Veteran Taxi Industry Activist
Mobile: 041 091 4118

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