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NSW TWU's Crime

Faruque Ahmed
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Mr. Mark Lennon
Unions NSW
Level 3,
4 - 10 Goulburn Street
Sydney NSW 2000
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Dear Mark

Please examine attached documents below like Taxi Driver Entitlement under the Law, The NSW TWU’s Crime against Taxi Drivers and Labor Party Leaders and Lawyers Unlawful Behavior for this time. The leadership of the NSW TWU has been compromising bailee taxi drivers’ welfare and safety since 1979 and as a result the taxi drivers are voting with their feet. The sad part is even to day, the NSW TWU is acting against us at every available opportunity.

I wonder is it possible to bring some sense out of the NSW TWU leaderships who think the labour movements are their captives and they can molest them all of the time?
I have had enough of them.

With thanks

Sincerely Yours

Faruque Ahmed
Saturday, December 27, 2008

Taxi Driver Entitlement under the Law

E McBEATTY –Secretary Treasurer

SYDNEY: 2124A77
NEWCASTLE SUB-BRANCH: 69 3645 69 3845

18th December, 1979

Mr. R, Kermode,
Metropolitan Taxi Council
48 Oxford Street

Dear Mr. Kermode,

Since 1974, the Taxi Section of this Union has unsuccessfully attempted, to achieve, a new Taxi Drivers (State) Award to replace the current award made on the 8th March 1972 (1851G1413).We did not file a formal claim, but sought to negotiate before taking legal action. Without attempting, to apportion blame for the lack of success, we can at least agree that the efforts on both sides to resolve our differences failed to achieve any worthwhile results.

Accordingly, the Union decided to await the foreshadowed amendments to the N.S.W. Industrial Arbitration Act to establish tribunals empowered to arbitrate on the rates and conditions for Taxi Drivers.

These historic changes become legally effective by Proclamation on the 30th November, 1979.

As a result thereof, we are now seeking to obtain (preferably by consent) a Contract Determination under section 91K and/or a section 91H Agreement to cover Taxi Drivers: To this end, and consistent with our policy of fully exploring the Conciliation process before resorting to Arbitration, we have attached here to a Claim for discussion with your organization at a series of Conferences which we seek to commence as soon as possible.

We would appreciate your advice as to a suitable date for holding the first of such negotiations.

Yours Sincerely

T. Heir
(Note: A copy of the Claim prepared by our Delegates is attached hereto).

E McBEATTY –Secretary Treasurer

SYDNEY: 2124A77
NEWCASTLE SUB-BRANCH: 69 3645 69 3845


1. Minimum Rate of Commission:
Drivers shall be paid a minimum rate of commission, expressed as sixty per cent 60% of the chargeable fares earned.
2. Sick Leave.
Each driver shall be entitled during the -first year of the contract to
five(5)days sick leave and-to eight (8) days paid sick leave annually during
the second and subsequent years. Such payment shall be based on the drivers "average earnings" assessed over the week preceding such absence.
The rights under this clause shall accumulate from year to year, so that any part of the leave entitlement which has no been allowed in any one year may be claimed, and paid for, in a subsequent year of continued contract.
3. Annual Leave.
(a) Drivers shall be entitled to take four (4) weeks paid annual leave for each year of contract.
For the purpose of this clause, the driver shall be paid and, treated as though he was an employee covered by. the N.S.W. Annual Holidays Act, 1944.
(b) In the case of "Night Drivers", their entitlement under this clause shall be based on an annual leave period applicable of (5) weeks per year of contract in lieu of the four (4)weeks for ordinary drivers. At the time of his entering a perk of annual leave as above provided, each driver shall receive a "Loading'--of 25% extra, based on the annual leave payment due.
4. Long Service heave.
Drivers shall receive all benefits due to employees under the N.S.W. Long Service Act, 1955.
5. Public Holidays.
Each driver shall be entitled to absent himself on all public holidays without loss of pay. He shall be paid his "average earnings (based on the preceding weeks commission) for each such days of absence.
Where a driver works on a public holiday, he shall be paid his "average earnings"
(as above defined) plus $30.00.
6. Receipts for Payment.
Drivers shall receive receipts for all payments made to Bailors (Owners)and Taxi Co-operatives.
7. Air Conditioning.
All taxis shall be suitably air-conditioned without the driver incurring any expense or payment therefor.
8. Guaranteed Earnings.
A driver commencing work on any day shall receive guaranteed minimum earnings of at least thirty dollars (30.00) for that day.

The NSW TWU’s Crime against Taxi Drivers

Taxi Industry Services Association of NSW

volume 29, No 4, March 1984 issue editorial, "we (the T.C. and NTIA) were placed in a position of being forced to a Determination rather than altering the previous Agreement because of a handful of owners who would not observe some aspects of that Agreement". In plain English the bailors continued their lawless ways despite getting their bailor/bailee relationship between owners and NOSETDs.

2.9.1. The Path to the new Determination went like this: after 1981 the bailors had to come up with new ways of carrying on their prel980 activities within the bailor/bailee system. So the fixed pay-in system made it's first appearance. The position in negotiations was reached when the bailors refused to agree to anything unless the TWIT agreed to include fixed pay-ins in the new Contract Determination, The TWU, it's delegates, it's members and all taxi drivers refused to agree. The stalemate continued for nearly 12 months! The following events occurred and I make no comment on them, nor do I infer anything by them -
(i) One of the NOSETD delegates of the TWU, who helped to prepare the TWU's case
turned up at the hearing as a witness for the bailors. Subsequently he became a
"plate holder" and was elected to the Taxi Council board.
The Secretary of the TWIT Mr. E. McBeaty died in a boating accident.
(iii) The new secretary of the TWU Mr. H. F. Quinn ordered their legal representatives to agree to the bailers terms, fixed pay-ins and to wind up the case. They did so.
(iv) The Contract Determination 1984 came into effect 22.2.84.

2.9.2. The fact that fixed pay-ins got into the CD84, contrary to:
(i) All past practices,
(ii) All past recommendations of inquiries into the taxi industry,
(iii) All members of the TWU opposing it,
(iv) All taxi drivers opposing it
(v) The Industrial Arbitration Act 1940 to 1968 giving jurisdiction to the Commission to grant pay-ins only as a percentage of meter takings.
I leave for the Commissioner to ponder over and comment on.

2,9.3 The council representing the bailors was Mr. Callaghan. But it must be brought to the review's attention that Mr. R. Kermode played such an integral part of these proceedings that the Deputy President McMahon decided to
1. Refer Annexure “B” P153. 3. Refer Annexure "B" P125.
2. ,, ,, “A” 89 4. ,, ,, I.R.A.40-68 Sec. 91K.

Faruque Ahmed
P.O. Box – 349, Alexandria - 2015
Mobile: 041 091 4118

Director General
Attorney General's Department of NSW
Parramatta Justice Precinct
160 Marsden St
Parramatta NSW 2124

DX 1227
Sydney NSW 2001

Phone: 02 8688 7777 or 1800 684 449
Fax: 02 8688 7980

Subject: Labor Party Leaders and Lawyers Unlawful Behavior

Dear Sir/Madam

According to the Taxi Industry (Contract Drivers) Contract Determination, the bailor is solely responsible for fuel and wash costs for the taxi. However the Taxi Industry Association (NSW TIA) made an application at the NSW IRC in NSW IRC Matter No 2383 of 1993 to pass the responsibility for fuel and wash costs to bailee drivers.

The NSW Transport Workers Union who is supposed to represent the taxi drivers said during the proceedings via their lawyer, Adam Hatcher, "we reserve the right to oppose at a later date" and the TWU allowed to have passed a change to the Determination by transferring the cost of fuel and wash to those bailee drivers, contrary to Case and Statute Law.

The good CC Connor who heard the matter mentioned above found the opportunity and then he keenly passed the responsibility of gas and wash to the bailee taxi drivers without any compensation whatsoever to them. He did so despite strenuous objections made to him by myself and other drivers.

The net impact is the weaker party in the chain is carrying the burden while taxi bosses and non active plate investors etc. are laughing all the way to the bank contrary to the public and workers interest. Not long after the TWU lawyer Adam Hatcher found a chamber at the higher end of the town and became a Barrister! The then NSW TWU boss (Secretary) Steve Hutchins became the president of the NSW Labor Party and eventually a Senator after gaining the number one or first selection on the Senate ballot paper.

For your kind information I am appending some interesting discussions amongst taxi industry activists below.

I therefore would like to request you to open an investigation on why at the time and even to this day:
1. NSW TWU leaders and their then lawyer ignored bailee taxi drivers requests?
2. NSW TWU leaders and their then lawyer compromised bailee taxi drivers welfare and interest?
3. NSW TWU leaders and their then lawyer conspired to wrongfully manipulate the Granville Strike mentioned above?
4. NSW TWU leaders and their then lawyer frog marched mock members (from the Granville strike and many of whom confessed the illegalities and wrongful actions to me later) to the NSW IRC mentioned above to misrepresent bailee drivers in general?
5. NSW TWU leaders and their then lawyer never made any application to oppose the unlawful arrangement of the payment for fuel and wash as they promised to CC Connor in NSW IRC Matter No 2383 of 1993?
6. Did the NSW TWU leaders and lawyer obtain any benefit out of such a compromise?
7. Why did CC Connor allowe this ugly and blatant deal to go ahead without any examination?
8. Did CC Connor gain any benefit for his action and inaction in taxi matters in front of him?
9. Why did CC Connor refuse to accept a labor component in his decision?

With thanks

Sincerely Yours

Faruque Ahmed

Ghost and Gas – No Conspiracies

According to the law of the land, the bailor is responsible for fuel and wash.

However, at the Industrial Relations Commission the "taxi mafia" made an application to pass the responsibility of fuel and wash to the bailees without any compensation whatsoever.

Further to ICAC Submission, long long ago; a "phantom strike" was called at Granville Taxi Base, Sydney, NSW of the `lucky country'! The TWU trouble shooter named Robert Mayell who used to work around the adjacent area quickly went over there and negotiated a settlement! The `Pay-in' went down by five dollars!!

The following day, a number of taxi drivers were frog marched behind the "messiah" Robert Mayell at the Industrial Commission in front of CC Connor (NSW IRC Matter No 2383 of 1993).

No one is suggesting any conspiracy here! Poor Faruque and a few taxi drivers busted in anger and confronted the "messiah" Robert Mayell and the Transport Workers Union lawyer Adam Hatcher. During that time those new taxi drivers of Granville asked Faruque to be quiet and follow Meyall. Faruque told them, "I do not know who you are and I have not seen you in any of TWU meetings earlier – who are you people and what is the game going on here"?

Later many of these people confessed to Faruque and others that they were not even members of the TWU, many of them were not financial members of the union and the taxi bosses encouraged them to join in the TWU!

During the proceedings, the TWU lawyer said to CC Connor, "we reserve the right to oppose at a later date".

The good CC Connor found the opportunity and then he keenly passed the responsibility of gas and wash to the bailees without any compensation whatsoever. He did so despite strenuous objections made to him by Faruque and other drivers.

The decision by CC Connor did not change the bailor/bailee remuneration principle or law, but he made a decision which was not opposed by the parties.
A few weeks later the LPG price jumped from $A0.20-$A0.30/L to $A0.50-$A0.60/L.

An application was made to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on a different ground. After a futile exercise, the price went down for a while.

Today, who is increasing the LPG price and on what basis no one knows or cares. The net impact is the weaker party in the chain is carrying the burden while "taxi mafia" is laughing all the way to the bank. The TWU lawyer Adam Hatcher found a chamber at the higher end of the town and become a BARRISTER! The good union boss Steve Hutchins became the president of the NSW Labor Party and eventually a number one ticket SENATOR from NSW.

Taxi drivers made an appeal to the Full Bench.

After a long and costly exercise, we found out that only the TWU have the right to represent taxi drivers at the Industrial Commission! During that hearing the rights and wrongs of the actual case were not discussed.

That means, in reality the court said the TWU can do whatever they like and they can ignore their own taxi driver members all together or their welfare! They are virtually not answerable to anyone. The union bosses do not have to follow justice, fairness, courtesy or common sense! Since then the union removed a few bi-laws of their own constitution i.e. they don't have to advance the well being of their own members". The law is same today.

Whether we drivers like it or not, even if the TWU got any taxi driver members or not they will decide the bailee taxi drivers working conditions. No matter, how sad, immoral and unlawful they are.

Faruque and others used to expose them in the media. However, the union bosses used to make attempts to trap taxi drivers and block them from the media, parliament, etc. etc. Some of the documents are very revealing.

I say, the most tragic thing of my life is that knowing and dealing with the NSW Transport Workers Union.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ted Hirsch wrote:

From memory, about 4-5 weeks ago gas rose to a minimum 55/ litre and up to 70/litre.After cabbies got used to the shock, then a week or two ago it rose to minimum 65/litre and up to 75/litre.Did you say price gouging, Brian? Tut, tut. But Yes, getting our Media Manager onto it sounds worthwhile!

On Wed 19Dec07 in the SMH, Gordon Samuels announced that the ACCC inquiry had NOT found any evidence of petrol price collusion. And Coles and Woolies dockets were cleared from accusations of higher shelf prices. Independent servos disappearing was is part of a long term trend, although they are hotly contesting this finding (self interest obviously). It is proposed to introduce a daily petrol price information scheme, popular in WA and which has reduced volatile price changes to once per day. By 4pm the next day's price is shown on the computer. No mention of gas prices or gouging by the ACCC, of course.Our in house historian

Mr. Ahmed, tells of an IRC "temporary decision" some years ago which, thanks to the TWU made drivers pay for fuel, whereas previously Bailors paid (or bailors/ bailees split the costs?).

Faruque reckons taking this to the IRC for review is too difficult and costly. He reckons Parliament, somehow. Any specific advice, Faruque? Ernie suggest IPART gives us a handout for fuel price increases. That's the easiest approach, no doubt, albeit in June/July from memory and a massive amount of work if we do the full Monty! (Should IPART be added to our Calendar?) (BTW, why are radio jobs so poorly returned, Ernie?

Cheers to all.

Ernie Mollenhauer wrote:

As bus fares have just been increased, their explanation being increased costs, I reckon there are more than reasonable grounds to pester IPART for an increase in taxi fares. The other string in the bow would be the currently poor responses to radio booking which are now even less attractive than before. Is there support for a claim, (seeking to leave the meters alone) for an increase in the radio booking fee to say $3 so they can knock us back to $2?


On 19/12/2007, Brian Ridge <> wrote:

To the committee, Last night while filling my cab with gas at the Legion base at 65.9 cents per litre another driver told me he had narrowly avoided paying 74.9 at Crows Nest, and he estimated that it was costing him about $100 a week extra. My recollection is that when the fare rates were increased back about July the cost of gas rose from about 48 to 52 cents per litre. If my memory is correct that equates to about a 40% rise in less than 6 months. The term "price gouging" springs to mind. I am wondering whether the NSWTDA could do a bit of probing and perhaps create a bit of noise so that these prices are justified.


Posted by Austro_Bangla at 3:25 AM

Friday, July 4, 2008

IRC Travesty

IRC Travesty

This was my first IRC Industrial Relations Commission.

I was rung to move my butt and get in there by 9.30am yesterday (thanks Mike Hatrick).

The IRC is at cnr Bridge and Phillip Sts. Where Sir Laurence Street had the grand Henry Parkes corner office 10 years ago awaiting a call to be governor of NSW, but missing out. A beautiful stone heritage building (the site of many dreadful and devious deeds).

The hearing was to decide how much increase the drivers and the operators of NSW would get.

(Metro Taxi meters have already been adjusted for a 3.8% IPART increase approved by the Minister ; 3.3% country.)

Justice Marks, 50'ish, mo, affable, smiling, (been there, done that) presided.

The "applicants" were the TIA Taxi Industry Association (Taxi Council) for operators and the TWU for drivers.
What a charade.

The TIA legal, tall, urbane, smooth, smiling experienced assassin, (also been there, done that) was there with small Peter Ramshaw of TIA / TC Ltd.

The TWU legal was a tanned, blond surfie type with cowboy boots who volunteered he did not know about the taxi industry. Good start.

It seems the IPART Report recommendations had been difficult to interpret (indeed IPART reluctantly gave guidance for IRC purposes only after strong protests from NSWTDA and TC Ltd).

Therefore TWU did not oppose, nor support the application ! WOW ! That's representation for drivers for you !

Then some light relief. Jools stood up and asked would he be permitted to "intervene"?

Who are you, who do you represent and do you have any 'status' in the IRC? asked Justice Marks sternly. And do the applicants agree? We object, said Mr smooth TIA. We ask for an adjournment said Mr surfie astutely, to find out what the "intervenor" wants.

After a brief chat, the surfie rang to get 'superior instructions' and then suggested some talks and a return to the IRC at a future date for Mr Jools to seek a new Contract Determination – which is 25 years out of date ! (And which still says $16.95 /hour 'wage rate' for taxidrivers which IPART insisted this year on using as a 'proxy' despite all logic, reason and submissions from the NSWTDA that busdrivers are paid $21 /hour plus for easier work for a 40 hour week !).

Fine, a judicial review has been mentioned for the last 4 years, said Marks who seemed to like that idea.

Such was the complete extent of any drivers' voice at the IRC hearing !

Back to work.
After the IPART Report had been handed up, and told by Mr smooth the 3.8% fare increase was not relevant, Marks said IPART had in the past kindly provided details. Instead he was directed to an obscure 2 line Table in IPART page 52 which was discussed at some length. It assessed increases in costs to drivers 4.8% and to operators 4.7%. (And the total fare increase of 3.8%) Go figure ! No-one else could. Presumably the 4.8 and 4.7% were discounted by IPART with their undefined "productivity incentives", meaning in fact arbitrary punitive reductions of the actual cost increases! And 4.8 & 4.7% presumably indicating approx 50/50 split to drivers and operators? (Given a 140 pages Final Report, lift your game in future, IPART. )

Mr smooth then handed a 'secret' schedule to Marks, arguing the IRC should proceed as it has done for the past 7 years. Just increase the Max Payin and what's left over – if anything – is for drivers. Well, what about the extraordinary fuel price increases, asked Marks several times, which the drivers suffer? Good one, Justice, right on ! But the TIA stuck to its guns – without any fuel answer – and of course the TWU had not opposed or agreed.

So finally, after an hour long charade, the IRC decided as per the 'secret' TIA schedule which Marks didn't understand, nor read out, but "on the TIA's assurance"! Accordingly, and also because of his fuel concerns, Marks pronounced his decision as per the TIA "reflecting the IPART report" to be operative from 12.01 am Sat 5July08 as an Interim Decision which could be challenged, amended or corrected if needed in 6 months.
(Maybe in concert with the 6 monthly IPART fuel review, I thought quietly.)

What a fiasco !
And so what is the result, drivers and operators ask?
Well, don't ask me, f…..d if I know !
And nobody else knows either, except the TIA, because no-one else at the hearing was given a copy of the 'secret' schedule !

What's that old saying about cleaning out the Aegean stables …

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Notifying the Revocation of Authorisation

Faruque Ahmed
P O Box – 349, Alexandria – 2015
Mobile: 041 091 4118
Member of Parliament and Media Outlets

Ms Isabelle Arnaud
Director, Adjudication Branch
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
23 Marcus Clarke Street
Canberra ACT 2601
Tel: (02) 6243 1111 Fax: (02) 6243 1199

Subject : Notifying the Revocation of Authorisation

Dear Ms. Arnaud

According to your letter of 18 April 2008 "The Tribunal decided on 27 June 2006 to revoke the authorisations on the basis that the benefit of certainty of acceptance of non-cash payments was not sufficient to sustain the authorizations". We have been asking your department to do the same for along time. Because we knew that the then Trade Practices Commission was misled and the "Authorisation" was granted incorrectly.

We also knew that a similar request to grant almost an identical "Authorisation" was rejected for good reason. You should also know that the Cabcharge was defending the indefensible and they failed to counter our challenges in the court of law earlier.

Your letter advised that:
" Eflect of the Tribunal decision
The revocation by the Tribunal of the twelve authorisations means that the networks which previously had authorisation can no longer engage in the conduct without being at risk of action under the Trade Practices Act. Whether or not specific requirements would raise concerns under the competition provisions of the Act would depend on the specific nature of the requirements imposed.

However, the ACCC and the Tribunal expected that cards and vouchers would continue to be widely accepted absent authorisation. Taxi operators and drivers are entitled to advertise the cards and vouchers they accept. Should certain taxi operators and drivers not accept certain cards and vouchers, but advertise on their taxis that these cards are accepted, such could amount to misleading conduct."

The reality is, because of your earlier "Authorisation", taxi owners and drivers were compelled to display Cabcharge decals in taxis and thereby accepting them became a norm in the taxi industry. Now, the "Authorisation" is no longer in force and importantly taxis do not have to display them even though many would not be aware of that decision and revocation!

In view of your advice of 18 April 2008, what I have asked you is to inform all taxi drivers, owners and operators that the "Authorisation" is no longer in force and they don't have to display Cabcharge decals. Surely, it is not a hard job to follow up on.

With thanks

Sincerely yours

Faruque Ahmed
Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Further to Cabcharge and Criminals and Merger and Acquisition by Cabcharge Limited and other documents below;
1. Back in 1984 the "Taxi Mafia" obtained the authorisation incorrectly and they failed to tell the truth to the ACCC on that time,
2. Since then, we have been asking to remove that authorisation,
3. The "Taxi Mafia" made a few attempts to fool the ACCC later but failed and
4. The Australian Competition Tribunal removed the authorisation of 1984!
Naturally, I asked the ACCC to inform all taxi drivers and owners that they don't have to display the Cabcharge decals as it is no longer required by the law because of the recent court decision!

I was not expecting an immature legal lecture from some one from the ACCC, who in my view acted like a defense lawyer of the Cabcharge Limited. Ironically, during the court proceedings, the mighty Cabcharge was hiding!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Merger and Acquisition by Cabcharge Limited

Faruque Ahmed
P O Box – 349
Alexandria – 2015
Mobile: 041 091 4118
Members of Parliament and Media Outlets

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mr. Graeme Samuel
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
GPO Box 3131
Ph: 02 6243 1244Fax: 02 6243 1210

Re: Merger and Acquisition by Cabcharge Limited

Dear Mr. Samuel

I the undersigned, Faruque Ahmed, have been advocating bailee taxi drivers' rights and interests in the state and federal instrumentalities, Parliaments, media, before the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and formerly the Trade Practices Commission as:
1. Secretary/Treasurer and President of Taxi Drivers' Section of the NSW Transport Workers Union, respectively,
2.Vice-President and President of Taxi Industry Services Association, respectively,
3. President, NSW Cabbie Welfare Association and
4. Media Manager, NSW Taxi Drivers Association. I am also a working bailee taxi driver.

Taxi co-operatives (not taxi companies or networks) obtained the authorisation A30112 by not telling the truth, twisting the truth and using racism as well as some other false claims they made to misguide the then Trade Practices Commission. Ultimately, the original applicants, specifically the Red and Yellow Deluxe have used many false claims "for their own narrow benefit" and got away with them. Fortunately most of their typical false claims and lies were detected and eventually correctly rejected by the TPC in matterA30152.

Since then, we have been asking the ACCC and other relevant departments to remove the Authorization A30112. Surprisingly, they were very reluctant about it. Eventually, the Australian Competition Tribunal removed the Authorisation (Matter No - 3 of 2005) as we have been requesting.

Yet, even today;

1. I am currently compelled to work for Cabcharge Limited for 30 minutes per shift free of charge,
2. I am compelled to bear the burden of any dockets voided by Cabcharge for reasons beyond my control or ability, thus eroding my industrial rights,
3. I am compelled to bear the burden of traffic fines that incurred whilst processing Cabcharge Limited dockets and credit cards,
4. I am compelled to provide my private details to a company with whom I have no contractual relations, and
5. Because of my free labor and miseries mentioned in "1" to "4" above the Cabcharge Limited is making huge amount of money and buying up various taxi industry instrumentalities and thereby reducing and eventually destroying competition in the taxi industry and
6. The State and Federal Government provided unfair advantage to Cabcharge Limited are effectively restricting any new comers to open up any new ventures in the taxi industry,

I therefore would like to request you to register me as an interested party and inform me should the Cabcharge Limited intends to acquire or merger with any taxi industry body or instrumentalities as these activities would affect me, the taxi industry and society in general adversely.

Sincerely Yours

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

British Raj to Taxi Mafia

British Raj to Taxi Mafia

Due to
White Australia Policy (1 and 2) and British Raj the Australians faced huge defeat and disaster at Gallipoli as demonstrated by Crowd swells for a shivering dawn, They fought for two sausages!, Retracing diggers' path in France for Anzac Day, Who are these enemies? and Captain Bush, Blair and Howard.

However because of
Australian Values they have turned around these disasters and defeats in to gigantic victory and glory!

Today, they are denying taxi workers lawful rights by using racism as demonstrated in
No to Racism and Yes to Activism, Message to Jimmy, Message to Gold Coast Driver and Message to Ross Nelson!

Please examine
Melbourne Australia Taxi Strike and links at the top of the article for the full coverage of the story and pictures prior to make up your mind.

Should you wish please give us a hand to smash the blockade of a section of Australian media and society who have chosen to live with prejudice and bigotry.

Racism vs Taxi Drivers Safety in Victoria

Victorian Director General of Transport

It is the responsibility of civilized society to provide a safe workplace and safer work practices to workers under the Occupational Health and Safety legislation under the Duty of Care provisions. It is also a fundamental right of a worker to work in a safe work place that adheres to safe work practices.

In the state of New South Wales we had the Keatsdale Report, Dalziel Reports and Cook Reports which are relevant to to-days taxi drivers safety initiatives in NSW. I believe the current Victorian taxi driver's safety issues are not too different to their NSW counter parts. You are welcome to contact your NSW counterparts to obtain copies of these reports mentioned for some assistance or guidance should you wish to do so.

The commendable multicultural, Melbourne taxi drivers' spontaneous blockade/strike was a genuine and legal one. No one should dismiss or minimise their great effort with blatant and pseudo racism as we have witnessed recently. For example, taking off shirts on a wintry night as these drivers did was a symbol of their actual working conditions and the industrial reality that they experience. These taxi drivers do not have cameras, a global positioning system, workable safety shields or anything in this so called 21st century Victorian work environment. In terms of safety, they are virtually naked and unprotected.

When super models take their bikinis or bras off in the middle of the town center to high light or draw attention to their causes, there is barely any criticism. That situation is unlike the recent outcry directed to these vulnerable Victorian taxi drivers and the protest style they used. Recent murmurings and attempts to smear Indian students in general, many of whom were involved in this Victorian protest, and their living practices so as to undermine and destruct these taxi driver's spotlighting of unacceptable working conditions are purely racially driven. Many European and American backpackers and students also live in an identical cost effective and uncomfortable manner as some Indian students and by extension Indian origin taxi drivers are purported to do. This is blatant generalization designed to undermine the whole issue, which is the shameful and unsafe standard of working conditions and safety being experienced by Victorian taxi drivers.

Surely, a student or any workers poverty should not deny or diminish their basic industrial and safety related rights.

Faruque Ahmed
Mobile: 041 091 4118,

Wednesday May 14, 2008

CC to NSW Director General of Transport

Sydney Taxi Corruption

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rum Colony Racism

You are welcome to examine the following in light of the NSW to Victorian Taxi Drivers' Safety.

--- In, Taxirob wrote:

One way to get attention


--- In, "Ross Nelson" wrote:

GOOD ON THE MELBOURNE TAXI DRIVER PROTESTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I would suggest caution re demanding that safety screens be mandated.Sydney had screens mandated at the behest of the TWU.WE HATED THEM!!!90% of job satisfaction was blotted out.Shouting to communicate with passengers is highly stressful. Vision is impaired . also stressful.The third to last Taxi Driver to be slain in Sydney (Saptul Singh Suri) had a screen in his cab.I believe that screens should be available for those that want them.This could be a market based thing. If a base with 20 cabs has 10 with screens that are preferred over the non-screen cabs they will put more screens in.The taxi management that Peer calls 'mafia' made a lot of money out of installing screens in Sydney.If Melbourne does go down this road I hope that the VTDA become major installers.

Who hated driving a cab with a screen.

--- In, "Jimmy" wrote:

Spot on brother, exactly the same situation when in the post war years Australia imported the Migrant Factory Fodder. The difference being that those wogs had the balls to unionise and organise and the present taxi industry wogs ain't got the balls for jack all..........maybe with a handfull of exceptions. Well Victoria is taking the initiative when is NSW going to follow on......?.......or are they all too busy fighting amongst themselves and still trying to decide which TDA is going their way.Sadly when you have a lacky of the Taxi Council for president in the NSWTDA and a secretary that is also that way inclined, is it any wonder that strike action is a no no?A........ licking is the order of the day. Remember the NSW Taxi Council does not give a damn about bailee drivers. The expendible fodder sufficently manned by wogs who is going to worry?

Also consider who runs the NSW Taxi Council but a bunch of flea ridden geriatric Kangaroos.An excellent point you made Taxifixer.Remember Bob Woodger, he was an Aussie, and what support was there for his unfortunate demise?Youbert Hormozi had an excellent turn out. I know I was at both of them.For Woodger even a half an hour demo at parliament house was too much to ask for.Yes I am a wog too and bloody well proud of it. But I am ashamed of the apathy of my collegue wogs.


--- In, "union_faruque" wrote:Re: melbourne Australia taxi strike

I am afraid the Minister of Transport and the Transport Workers Union mob may misguide or even sabotage this lawful demand of taxi drivers. Providing a safe work place regardless of the so called relationship i.e. bailor/bailee is the fundamental right of any worker.

Here is a blatant example of profit overtaking civil rights, human rights and industrial rights of workers under the Victorian Labor Government.

I won't be surprised of any idiotic or racist remark from the `chardonnay revolutionaries' of the ozcabs forum. First of all their silence says, they may have isolated from the real taxi drivers' community or the drivers in general do not trust them in the first place. Anyway, their beloved Channel Nine made them proud tonight!

--- In, "taxifixer" wrote:
April 30, 2008

Hundreds of Melbourne taxi drivers have blocked a major city intersection demanding better safety after one of their own was critically injured in a stabbing.Organisers say the protest will remain in place all night despite the arrest of a man this evening in connection with the stabbing.

An unidentified 23-year-old taxi driver, a student from India, was stabbed andcritically injured by a passenger in inner suburban Clifton Hill about 3am, police said.By late today, more than 1,000 people - almost exclusively from the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East- braved temperatures down to single digits for the sit-inat the corner of Flinders and Swanston streets, in the heart of Melbourne.

Unknown to the crowd, a 45-year-old man was arrested at his Alphington home about 7.30pm, police said.Parish Charles has been charged with attempted murder by Yarra detectives, police said.He appeared before an out-of-sessions court hearing and was remanded in custody to appear at the Melbourne Magistrates' Court tomorrow.Protesters began gathering at the intersection about 6pm, with word of the protest spreading via mobile phones.Empty taxis and abandoned trams choked Swanston Street, one of Melbourne's busiest tram routes, as the protesters gathered in the shadow of Flinders Street station, watched by scores of police.Cabs, many double-parked, lay idle for blocks as the peaceful but sometimes rowdy protest gathered strength.The protesters demanded improved safety, including the introduction of protective screens for drivers.

One of the organisers, Indian-born taxi driver Jazz Randyboy, said cabbies wanted action."We get sick of complaining to the Victoria Police about our security. One of our friends was stabbed seven times and the cops are doing nothing. They say they can't get him," Mr Randyboy said."This is about getting our security, getting our rights back."The Victorian government must guarantee driver safety by introducing protective screens, he said.Many drivers believed police would put more effort into investigating an attack on a white driver, he said."There is too much racism in the Victoria Police. One police officer said to me that I am black and we bring all these problems into the country," he said."We think Australia is one of the best countries but after these experiences we think it's one of the worst. This is the most racist country in the world," he said.

Protesters will hold their ground overnight, Mr Randyboy said."It's going right through to tomorrow morning. They are not going home or do anything else. They will sit here until the government or someone talks to us."One of the protesters told the crowd: "We will be sitting here as long as it is required. We just want justice".Another yelled: "We're not going home. We're not going to take this shit anymore."Victorian Public Transport Minister Lynne Kosky said earlier today protective screens were being trialled and could soon be introduced in taxis for drivers who wanted them.Late this evening, ABC Online reported that Ms Kosky would meet with taxi industry representatives tomorrow.


--- In, "union_faruque" wrote:

'A Fair Share of a Fair Fare'

Taxi drivers used to be expendable commodities like the ANZACS to the British. Greedy taxi networks and companies did nothing to save human lives. However, due to the courageous stand of a few dedicated taxi drivers, the NSW community got the Keatsdale Report, Dalziel Report and Cook Reports; all vital in achieving taxi driver safety. The grateful community of NSW gave enough money thorough the "$1.00 flag-fall rise" for taxi-drivers' safety with the GPS and screen recommendations of the Keatsdale Report. The NSW government then extracted $40.00 a day from the vulnerable taxi drivers for their own safety. In return they got unworkable cameras and unreliable GPS systems. All of those little achievements are going to be buried by the partisan Madden Report- under the leadership of the NSW Labor Government. Tragically this $1000.00 per word David Madden Report is without any direction or vision whatsoever.

In the meantime two more taxi drivers were brutally murdered in NSW and many more were robbed and injured.

Today with our Victorian colleagues stood up for their own safety in facing down the police in Melbourne.

Channel Nine sinking to unfortunate disparagement and calculated derision of taxi drivers amounting to veiled racism could not resist the insult of describing the attention winning stunt on the part of the drivers of removing their shirts in the wintry weather thus " for reasons best known to themselves drivers removed their shirts". How puerile.

Penultimately what drivers want here in NSW and undoubtedly Victoria is workable legislation, regulation and mechanisms ensuring workers' safety to save lives.

Faruque Ahmed
Media Manager, Mobile: 041 091 4118,
Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NSW Bailees Do Not Receive Entitlements

NSW Bailees Do Not Receive Entitlements

--- In, "tedtaxifo" wrote:
Re:IPART letter (To the brave and the bold for comments please.)

In response to my paragraph on Entitlements Peer wrote as below. I do not believe he is correct. My statement about the almost universal non-payment of Entitlements in Sydney is strictly factual, I believe.Which is potentially important to the IPART taxi fares assessments, this or next year, given that on many matters IPART's "facts" are a long way from the reality.

Yes, Entitlements are a statutory determination by the Industrial Relations Commission. As such they are a CONDITION of driving a cab ! And they SHOULD be allowed for in payins and paid to all permanent drivers. ( So far agreed with Peer. )

But in fact in Sydney they are almost universally NOT paid to drivers by the operators and that has been the case for so long that operators with impunity do NOT allow for the payment and cost of Entitlements in the Payins. (The currently lower than Maximum Payins – as determined by the IRC – are not because of that, but as generally agreed, are because of the shortage of drivers and attracting drivers. Refer alsoIPART Issues page 10)

The strong evidence for stating that Entitlements in Sydney are almost universally not paid is three fold:

1. The damning evidence extracted from the Taxi Industry Assoc'n (John Bowe & Howard Harrison) about virtual non-payment of NSW Entitlements in the IRC 10Feb2005 HEARINGS (Transcript extracts below, a very interesting read !).

2. The 2007 PwC Survey finding that 2% of NSW drivers are paid Entitlements as per Page 10 of the 2008 IPART Issues paper (also a very interesting read !).

3. And that there is one known (perhaps 2?) Sydney driver paid Entitlements on Method 1 – and only 2, 3 or 4 others (maybe) out of 17,000 drivers who may have got something by threatening action etc.Cheers,Ted

EXTRACTS from IRC 2004 / 544 HEARING on Thursday 10Feb2005 CONNORC.Hearings Transcript pages 1-84Witness: Mr JOHN BOWE(Exhibit 21 : TIA submission 12May04 by Mr John Bowe, executive director Taxi IndustryAssociation (TIA) 1982 –2003, 40 years in taxi industry as driver, owner, coops director.)
Q. You've asked the tribunal to accept … that the taxi operators across the board are facing the cost of driver entitlements of some three to $4,000 a year. Do you see that?

A. M'mmm.

Q. That's simply false with respect to, in your figures, 70% of taxi operators, isn't it?

A. No, it's not, that is what the entitlements add up to.

Q. But they're not actually paying them are they?

A. Well, it was not up to us to tell IPRT (IPART) that people aren't paying them.… … …
Pp36 Q. Your evidence is that, notwithstanding that customers are paying for those entitlementsthrough the fare, that in 70% of cases it's not going to the driver. Is that right?

A. That's my personal opinion, yes.

Q. That's just fraud on the public, isn't it?

A. Well, I wouldn't agree with that because you are setting that that is something that they are bound by law to pay.… … …
Pages 50 - 68Witness : Mr HOWARD HARRISON( Exhibit 23 : 1 February 2005 statement by Mr Howard Harrison of ?? Avenue, Toongabbie, chief executive officer of the Taxi Industry Association (TIA), 40 years as driver, owner, CCC Director, TCS employee.

Pp 53 CLEGG : Can I just indicate that it is put forward really as a model and Mr Harrison will concede that for instance it is based on full entitlements being paid to drivers, just as it's based on operators receiving maximum pay-ins. And we have evidence in these proceedings to say that that doesn't really happen in most cases.… … …-0-0-0-0-

Friday, March 21, 2008

Peer’s Peers

Peer’s Peers

It was Peer Lindholdt's peer who welcomed Mr. Adolph Hitler and his marching army with open legs! That's why it was easier for Lindholdt to invent and publish a phrase like "Sea of Brown Hands" without any apology.

Lindholdt is a professional drunk and remote control journalist (if he is a journalist in the first place!) who generally does not attend any court hearings or meetings! However, many of his articles got the sign and symptom of the Third Reich's `polished philosophy' along with his arrogance and ignorance like the Israelis and their supporters!!

However, the combined arrogance and ignorance of Jools and Lindholdt lead the Mac Bank to the garden path and I warned them about it, in front of everyone at the Paramata meeting. Remember, it was Lindholdt who introduced Jolos with the Mac Bank mobs and privately admitted the fact that Jools double crossed him and everyone! Yet, publicly he is providing oxygen and support for his dishonest mate Jools contrary to the industry, public and workers interest.

Lindholdt must restrict himself on taxi matters in taxi related forums and should he wish to talk about any other issues then he is welcome to visit many links I have provided because those links are read and contributed by many around the globe! Surely, contribution of a person will reveal his true identity and culture.

--- In, "Ross Nelson" wrote:

Well said Peer!

(See, I do give credit where it is due) However Peer did praise Ahmed for his dumb media release. (In another post) I fail to see where insulting Miranda Devine helps the Taxi Driver cause.CHRISTmas should always be spelt that way and not the stupid commercial `Xmas'. Perhaps Ahmed has a personal problem with writing `Christ'. Maybe he is just lazy."Increasingly impossible?" Yeah that helps the cause.


OnBehalf Of Peer LindholdtSent: Friday, 9 November 2007 9:48 AMTo: [NSWTDAFORUM]

I received this message from Faruque yesterday and expect it on the NSW TDA Forum in due course. It illustrates clearly why he, while possible a valuable committee member, is the wrong person to be spokesperson for the association.

> For the time being I am avoiding disgusting Peer Lindholdt's RACIST and SECTERIAN attacks on me. He is well-known for his racist and sectarian views and expressions.>Evidently, to criticise or disagree with Faruque automatically makes one RACIST and SECTARIAN.If I or anyone else label him "a fanatical Muslim" he has only himself to blame.Reading his various utterings, especially on the Web, and especially about Zionists, it becomes instantly clear who is racist and sectarian.

He and his likeminded mates do more harm to the standing of Australia's moderate Muslims than anyone. Faruque knows I like him as a person despite his racist propaganda. But, that is becoming harder and harder when he insults peoples families and makes totally unfounded, often outrageous allegations.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Parasites or Cowards?

Parasites or Cowards?

I don’t like parasites and the apartheid system. I also don’t like to see racism and sectarianism used to divide and rule workers and the public in general.

Right now we have one taxi fare level and three taxi levels i.e. Rust Buckets, Executive Taxis and Silver Service to con passengers and drivers as well as to cover up the sheer negligence and incompetence of the NSW Ministry and Department of Transport in favor of the ‘taxi mafia’ contrary to the wishes and interests of the traveling public and workers.

Should a group wish to express their superiority and innovative expertise in the taxi industry then they must identify, operate, manage, audit and report on themselves and their networks independently rather than hide behind other unsuspecting taxi drivers and surviving like parasites. It is opportunistic and cowardly to say the least.

Deliberately running down the taxi networks and compromising the public’s interest and taxi drivers’ safety with the direct assistance of the NSW Passenger Transport Act and Regulations to maximize the profit of the ‘taxi mafia’ is sickening. The issue is further complicated by the same Act and Regulations which allow un-roadworthy taxis to be on the road. Then the same Departmental spin doctors embark on totally illegal and immoral taxi driver bashing to hoodwink the public and to cover up their own negligence and incompetence by carrying out show pony style inspections, blocking the roads and punishing hapless bailee drivers. The management of the roadworthiness of bailed cabs is entirely outside the control of the innocent bailees. Their only choice is to accept what they are offered or go hungry.

Right now, the same ‘taxi mafia’ with their divine right have engineered the 13LIMO Service from the taxi head quarters! It appears, the same ‘taxi mafia’ employed by the masochistic and powerless contingent of the industry are going to bleed taxi jobs and pass them over to the new so called Limousine Service as they did earlier to the Silver Service.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Taxi Regulation and de-Regulation

Taxi Regulation and de-Regulation

“I don’t believe involvement of Faruque was in our best interests.”, “Faruque’s extremism”, “Jihadi Faruque”, “Islamic Extremist Faruque” etc. etc. appears in the horizon without any foundation whatsoever when the Taxi Mafia interests are at risk! Surely, people would be intelligent enough to work out the identities of people and their actual motive and mentalities; as well as why do they love to select and apply such cheap, prejudicial and bigoted language mentioned above!

However, mathematically speaking the Nexus Scandal is costing us more than 5 million dollars a year! For an example, if we have 200 disabled taxis in Sydney (given by the government free of charge to taxi bosses) then they must have received 200 more normal taxi plates to compensate the operation of the disabled taxis!

In reality good old taxi bosses has been double dipping the bailee drivers and passengers without adhering the original principle and purpose of above mentioned taxi plates!

As per common practice, they may have leased those plates to drivers at a rate of $500 per week. Thus in a way 200 X $500 = $100 000 in 1 week and $5 000 000 per year money being generated! Now, the essential question is where is the money? Who got the money? Who is ensuring any and all accountability of these public assets and their proper utilization?

Despite repeated requests the NSW Ministry of Transport, NSW Department of Transport, NSW Ombudsman and NSW Auditor General are mysteriously silent! Why is it so?

Is it because some NSW Labor Party identities may have been hiding something from this scandal?

Come on let’s have a Royal Commission or at least ICAC Inquiry now!

Hang on! Who said crime does not pay? These taxi plates supposed to be never to be traded! However, many good taxi mafias have been trading these plates and having double story bathrooms and triple story bordellos for themselves!

The scandal did not stop there either! Now they are trying to collect special lavvy from poor single cab owners to pay for more disable cab scandal. Generally speaking these single cab owners are ignored by the taxi mafia and power to be.

One must wonder, where are Four Corners, 60 Minutes or other investigative instruments of this country?

--- In, "taxifixer" wrote:
Re: 7.30 Report, Australia Wide or To Whom It May Concern

Re: 7.30 Report, Australia Wide or To Whom It May Concern

..... seems to me some artful spin doctors are trying to rope - in the muchvaunted collapse of Lime with the WATS issue ... an equation that goes something likethis:
Lime + WATS - Nexus issue = Snow Job


7.30 Report, Australia Wide or To Whom It May Concern

The Taxi Industry is a SERVICE industry. It got no resemblance with the Stock Exchange or Casino. Our aim is to provide service to the public. The so-called value of taxi plate is NOT relevant at all.

The State OWNS all taxi plates. The government of the day can alter, suspend or vary any taxi licenses for the benefit of the public. Therefore, no one has to be compensated in case of regulation or de-regulation. The High Court of Australia also said the same thing. You see, no one pays Sales Tax when they "buy" a taxi plate! In reality they pay Transfer Tax only. So this ridiculous notion of compensation should be out of question when the question of regulation or de-regulation appears at the horizon.

Similar to Company Registers, the Taxi Register should be open to the public. Yet, the taxi register is secret for a long time. So, we do not know who really owns taxis and therefore the possibility of owning taxi plates by unsavory people and thereby their influence can't be dismissed. Many industry experts suspect, current system is running contrary to public interest and compromising the public and worker safety in favor of the taxi mafia.

The Nexus Taxi Plate issue is a blatant scandal. Governments have given millions of dollars worth of public assets (taxi plates) to taxi companies so that they will provide special service to the communities in need. However, they took these plates and double dipped both the public and taxi drivers for eternity without providing services required by them! Despite repeated requests no one would like to investigate this scandal.

Faruque Ahmed
Media Manager, Mobile: 041 091 4118

Sydney Taxi Corruption