Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christmas Spirit and solution

Christmas Spirit and solution

Further to
Miranda’s Xmas and Taxis below, we must be mindful that Sydney taxis are vacant most of the time. Only occasionally, taxis become busy and then only for a few very short periods. It is neither economical nor feasible to organise a few thousand taxis and taxi drivers for those very short periods. It is much more viable and economic to have more trains and busses to cater those infrequent rush hours.

Traditionally, taxi driver bashing by some sections of the media was a solution. Unfortunately, this type of buck passing failed to solve any problems. Therefore, we propose to share the blame together and educate the public to be more co-operative, patient and share taxis to speed up the traffic.

Christmas is held out throughout the civilized world as being the season of goodwill. Well, we think that a little good will extended to Sydney’s much maligned cabbies wouldn’t go astray either. Most workers in hospitality enjoy lucrative penalty rates over the silly season. Not so your toiling cabbie!

Restaurant patrons and hotel guests all accept a surcharge on their big night out yet somehow expect to get home in a cab when the fun is over at standard rates. Suffer the poor cabbie! Whilst cabbies get told to stagger their shifts a better solution would be to stagger Christmas! Only then would all those patrons get the service they desire. If, however, they are allowed to celebrate the silly season simultaneously then they MUST accept that they can’t all go home at the same time with no delay.

When those patrons tell their cabbie “I hope that you are getting paid double time for doing this” and hear the response “Well that’s up to you” it is no wonder that a great number of cabbies opt to avoid the madding crowd and take the night off too. What’s in it for the cabbie? A tirade of abuse from patrons urged to hate cabbies by the hysterical media; a back seat full of pizza and six packs. Not to mention all the time off the road in the weeks following if some drunk has collected the taxi with their poorly piloted missiles.

Faruque Ahmed
NSW Taxi Drivers Association
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November 4, 2009

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Media ReleaseMiranda’s Xmas and Taxis

Miranda has put her elegant finger squarely on the problem of taxis at Xmas (SMH 8Nov07). Each year in November and December it becomes increasingly impossible for office and Xmas party goers to get a taxi home late into the night.This is despite most taxis working flat out those months to make up for their paltry earnings during the year, when too many taxis are idle. The Xmas taxi problems are a major issue for the NSW Taxi Drivers Association which is concerned about driver earnings as much as taxi services to passengers whence drivers derive their earnings.

The problem at Xmas is that taxis can generally carry only take 4 persons per cab. Unfortunately, two or 3 times as many cabs or "gypsy" cabs are a Miranda mirage, idle the rest of the year. In any event they could still not carry the Xmas crowds. The millions of Xmas revelers that arrive by trains and buses during the day, can only get home if those trains and buses are running to get them home again late at night.

And there Miranda lies the answer. Trains and buses must run until 4am during the Xmas season to get people home. Then the taxis can cope with the "mopping up" and the other fares.

Faruque Ahmed
Media Manager
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beyond My Personal Safety

Beyond My Personal Safety

I would like to see some accountably and transparency in the taxi industry. It is not fair to throw money to Reg or Peter and people like them. They do not have any right whatsoever to take public assets under the pretence of helping the invalid and other people who are les fortunate than some and then grab bag full of money to silence free speech, sabotage democracy and stifle competition in the taxi industry. They did so in many ways, including suing Alex Mitchell, Peer Lindholt and Linton Besser.

Reg and Peter supposed to be servant of the taxi owners and operators! But, right now they are boss of everyone!! It is not right.

They are charging unjustifiable radio fees, reducing all kinds of services, practicing compulsory unionism by stealth, using the NSW Laws to murder competition! This built in radio fee includes compulsory membership fee for the NSW Taxi Industry Association and NSW Taxi Council P/L!!

We all know, false advertising and false representation are two main tricks of Reg and Peter beside many other dirty ones.

Surely, they should refrain from spreading dangerous and unsubstantiated rumors against me.

In, "sharkhan@..." wrote: Re: Safety of Faruque Ahmed

Safety of Faruque Ahmed

21 million dollar man
Allan Moss, trucking magnet Lindsay Fox and many big “Australians” suddenly found their love for disabled people. They wanted to follow the footstep of the taxi mafia and eat out taxi plates under the guise of assisting the disabled people.

Faruque Ahmed found out the plan and told them that their plan won’t work. These mobs “bought out” a few “greedy disciple s” of Faruque Ahmed. After a costly exercise, they lost big time and the taxi mafia laughed all the way to the bank. Michael Jools and David Bradley are still trying to make few quid at the expense of taxi drivers!

Faruque Ahmed you got a tough job! Be careful and take care. By the way, don’t worry about Ross Nelson and Jimmy West.

In, mamubhi wrote:Re: Stupid Taxi Owners

I don’t know why Faruque Ahmed is wasting his valuable time for taxi drivers!

I appreciate the fact that many taxi drivers respect his good intention and tireless work. However, a few taxi drivers simply hate
Faruque Ahmed’s guts because he got more knowledge, patience and determination than anyone. A few born losers hate Faruque Ahmed and his guts simply they are congenital racists. The taxi mafia’s dislike of Faruque Ahmed is predictable and not surprising.

This time the taxi mafia managed to silence Faruque Ahmed for the last three weeks. The taxi mafia has been bribing successive Premiers, Minister for Transport and big public servants! Now, taxi mafia is bullying, muzzling and dictating media outlets! One may ask, “is it possible in a free and democratic country like Australia”? Well, let’s find out.

Now, the taxi mafia is spreading propaganda like, “Faruque Ahmed is trying to decimate the taxi industry”. This type of propaganda is very dangerous! Some misguided and cranky taxi owners may do something wrong against Faruque Ahmed.

Faruque Ahmed has been trying to remove corruption from the taxi industry. He was trying to expose the taxi mafia and ensure a good deal for working taxi drivers and owners. People like Reg Kermode, Peter Hire, …. Have been pinching public assets to fill up their own pockets in many ways! They are squeezing working taxi drivers, owners and public. These people should be prosecuted for their crimes.
I’ll say,
Faruque Ahmed should get in touch with police for his own protection.

--- In, "Biplobi Faruque" wrote: Re: Stupid Taxi Owners

I was correct! What's happened today?
Lot's of cranky talk.
No organizational skills, no historical or legal knowledge of the industry!
Therefore no direction and no decision!!

--- In, "Biplobi Faruque" wrote: Re: Stupid Taxi Owners

Stupid Taxi Owners

The taxi owners are stupid and brain dead morons! Well, it is not my statement! It is the statement of the
taxi mafia!! He also said, "I will use your money and wealth to screw you up. You won't be able to stand up against me because;
1. You are stupid.
2. You are brain dead.
3. You are not united.
4. Therefore I run the show."

It appears, the
taxi mafia is correct.

The taxi owners/operators like it or not, the
taxi mafia is compelling all of them to be member of the NSW Taxi Council P/L and NSW Taxi Industry Association. He has been doing so despite the fact that this practice is illegal under many Federal legislations and practices including the ACCC related laws and regulations! Ironically, the successive NSW Department of Transport (Transport and Infrastructure) assisting the taxi mafia by stealth. Why is it so?

One must ask the question, who makes the decision and on what basis do they ensure what should be the radio fee, insurance and many other costs related to operation of a taxi cab? The NSW Taxi Council P/L and NSW Taxi Industry Association should be protecting their interests! Yet, they are not doing so. In reality, they are protecting the interest of the out side investors and many other unsavory groups contrary to the wish and interest of the working taxi drivers and taxi owners/operators.

The current idea of flooding the market will enhance the income of the taxi mafia and reduce the income of current taxi owners/operators and drivers including misguided and ill-informed would-be taxi operators due to huge injustices including many harsh, unjust and unconscionable practices of the taxi industry.

Minister Campbell's recent decision to release more taxi plates has got no basis in reality, common sense and seriously lacks any test of fairness. In plain, it is a cunning scheme to reward the taxi mafia at the expense of justice, decency and good governance.

Remember, the taxi mafia used you to grab many types of taxi plates (public assets) under the guise of assisting the disabled people! Where are those nexus taxi plates and many types of plates they took from the government? Where are the income generated by those plates? Why can't they recall all of those taxi plates and them handover taxi drivers directly under proper conditions?

Faruque Ahmed
Free Australia Now
Source: Sydney Taxi Corruption