Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stupid Taxi Owners

Stupid Taxi Owners

The taxi owners are stupid and brain dead morons! Well, it is not my statement! It is the statement of the taxi mafia
!! He also said, “I will use your money and wealth to screw you up. You won’t be able to stand up against me because;
1. You are stupid.
2. You are brain dead.
3. You are not united.
4. Therefore I run the show.”

It appears, the taxi mafia is correct.

The taxi owners/operators like it or not, the taxi mafia is compelling all of them to be member of the NSW Taxi Council P/L and NSW Taxi Industry Association. He has been doing so despite the fact that this practice is illegal under many Federal legislations and practices including the ACCC related laws and regulations! Ironically, the successive NSW Department of Transport (Transport and Infrastructure) assisting the taxi mafia by stealth. Why is it so?

One must ask the question, who makes the decision and on what basis do they ensure what should be the radio fee, insurance and many other costs related to operation of a taxi cab? The NSW Taxi Council P/L and NSW Taxi Industry Association should be protecting their interests! Yet, they are not doing so. In reality, they are protecting the interest of the out side investors and many other unsavory groups contrary to the wish and interest of the working taxi drivers and taxi owners/operators.

The current idea of flooding the market will enhance the income of the taxi mafia
and reduce the income of current taxi owners/operators and drivers including misguided and ill-informed would-be taxi operators due to huge injustices including many harsh, unjust and unconscionable practices of the taxi industry.

Minister Campbell’s recent decision to release more taxi plates has got no basis in reality, common sense and seriously lacks any test of fairness. In plain, it is a cunning scheme to reward the taxi mafia
at the expense of justice, decency and good governance. Remember, the taxi mafia used you to grab many types of taxi plates (public assets) under the guise of assisting the disabled people! Where are those nexus taxi plates and many types of plates they took from the government? Where are the income generated by those plates? Why can’t they recall all of those taxi plates and them handover taxi drivers directly under proper conditions?

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