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Taxi Regulation and de-Regulation

Taxi Regulation and de-Regulation

“I don’t believe involvement of Faruque was in our best interests.”, “Faruque’s extremism”, “Jihadi Faruque”, “Islamic Extremist Faruque” etc. etc. appears in the horizon without any foundation whatsoever when the Taxi Mafia interests are at risk! Surely, people would be intelligent enough to work out the identities of people and their actual motive and mentalities; as well as why do they love to select and apply such cheap, prejudicial and bigoted language mentioned above!

However, mathematically speaking the Nexus Scandal is costing us more than 5 million dollars a year! For an example, if we have 200 disabled taxis in Sydney (given by the government free of charge to taxi bosses) then they must have received 200 more normal taxi plates to compensate the operation of the disabled taxis!

In reality good old taxi bosses has been double dipping the bailee drivers and passengers without adhering the original principle and purpose of above mentioned taxi plates!

As per common practice, they may have leased those plates to drivers at a rate of $500 per week. Thus in a way 200 X $500 = $100 000 in 1 week and $5 000 000 per year money being generated! Now, the essential question is where is the money? Who got the money? Who is ensuring any and all accountability of these public assets and their proper utilization?

Despite repeated requests the NSW Ministry of Transport, NSW Department of Transport, NSW Ombudsman and NSW Auditor General are mysteriously silent! Why is it so?

Is it because some NSW Labor Party identities may have been hiding something from this scandal?

Come on let’s have a Royal Commission or at least ICAC Inquiry now!

Hang on! Who said crime does not pay? These taxi plates supposed to be never to be traded! However, many good taxi mafias have been trading these plates and having double story bathrooms and triple story bordellos for themselves!

The scandal did not stop there either! Now they are trying to collect special lavvy from poor single cab owners to pay for more disable cab scandal. Generally speaking these single cab owners are ignored by the taxi mafia and power to be.

One must wonder, where are Four Corners, 60 Minutes or other investigative instruments of this country?

--- In, "taxifixer" wrote:
Re: 7.30 Report, Australia Wide or To Whom It May Concern

Re: 7.30 Report, Australia Wide or To Whom It May Concern

..... seems to me some artful spin doctors are trying to rope - in the muchvaunted collapse of Lime with the WATS issue ... an equation that goes something likethis:
Lime + WATS - Nexus issue = Snow Job


7.30 Report, Australia Wide or To Whom It May Concern

The Taxi Industry is a SERVICE industry. It got no resemblance with the Stock Exchange or Casino. Our aim is to provide service to the public. The so-called value of taxi plate is NOT relevant at all.

The State OWNS all taxi plates. The government of the day can alter, suspend or vary any taxi licenses for the benefit of the public. Therefore, no one has to be compensated in case of regulation or de-regulation. The High Court of Australia also said the same thing. You see, no one pays Sales Tax when they "buy" a taxi plate! In reality they pay Transfer Tax only. So this ridiculous notion of compensation should be out of question when the question of regulation or de-regulation appears at the horizon.

Similar to Company Registers, the Taxi Register should be open to the public. Yet, the taxi register is secret for a long time. So, we do not know who really owns taxis and therefore the possibility of owning taxi plates by unsavory people and thereby their influence can't be dismissed. Many industry experts suspect, current system is running contrary to public interest and compromising the public and worker safety in favor of the taxi mafia.

The Nexus Taxi Plate issue is a blatant scandal. Governments have given millions of dollars worth of public assets (taxi plates) to taxi companies so that they will provide special service to the communities in need. However, they took these plates and double dipped both the public and taxi drivers for eternity without providing services required by them! Despite repeated requests no one would like to investigate this scandal.

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