Friday, March 14, 2008

Parasites or Cowards?

Parasites or Cowards?

I don’t like parasites and the apartheid system. I also don’t like to see racism and sectarianism used to divide and rule workers and the public in general.

Right now we have one taxi fare level and three taxi levels i.e. Rust Buckets, Executive Taxis and Silver Service to con passengers and drivers as well as to cover up the sheer negligence and incompetence of the NSW Ministry and Department of Transport in favor of the ‘taxi mafia’ contrary to the wishes and interests of the traveling public and workers.

Should a group wish to express their superiority and innovative expertise in the taxi industry then they must identify, operate, manage, audit and report on themselves and their networks independently rather than hide behind other unsuspecting taxi drivers and surviving like parasites. It is opportunistic and cowardly to say the least.

Deliberately running down the taxi networks and compromising the public’s interest and taxi drivers’ safety with the direct assistance of the NSW Passenger Transport Act and Regulations to maximize the profit of the ‘taxi mafia’ is sickening. The issue is further complicated by the same Act and Regulations which allow un-roadworthy taxis to be on the road. Then the same Departmental spin doctors embark on totally illegal and immoral taxi driver bashing to hoodwink the public and to cover up their own negligence and incompetence by carrying out show pony style inspections, blocking the roads and punishing hapless bailee drivers. The management of the roadworthiness of bailed cabs is entirely outside the control of the innocent bailees. Their only choice is to accept what they are offered or go hungry.

Right now, the same ‘taxi mafia’ with their divine right have engineered the 13LIMO Service from the taxi head quarters! It appears, the same ‘taxi mafia’ employed by the masochistic and powerless contingent of the industry are going to bleed taxi jobs and pass them over to the new so called Limousine Service as they did earlier to the Silver Service.

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