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Faruque Ahmed Fights against the Modern Day Nazis

Faruque Ahmed Fights against the Modern Day Nazis

Faruque Ahmed is admired by many and hated by a few filthy rich and powerful people of this town! He believes debate and discussions can illuminate or advance an idea, reduce tension and confrontation as well as capable of enhancing friendship! Mr. Ahmed has been engaging in debates and discussion in many forums and formats including universities and main stream media outlets like open air radio stations.

This fortnight alone Faruque spoke to 20 different radio programs about the recent Israeli massacre in Palestine. He also took part in 3 radio debates. According to a few observers, Faruque was the winner with his gentle style and presentation. Would you believe Mark Kennedy of radio 2GB and many listeners of that station confirmed the above in their on air statements. On Monday morning, after the second debate Mark of 2GB announced, “the famous taxi driver Faruque will be debating on Wednesday morning”. Yet on Wednesday morning to my surprise, Mark said, “we were going to have a debate between Faruque and Philip but although first debate went well on both sides. The second debate however Faruque tried speak over Philip and I have to fade Faruque down and for that reason their will be no more debate.

Since than and even before, Mark was making very inaccurate and crude remarks about the Palestinians! Most importantly we are not hearing anyone from the Palestinian side and the airwaves are full of Zionist didactics to incite against Arabs and Muslims based on totally false and fabricated reasons and grounds.

Even the other commercial station (2UE) is also showing a cold shoulder to Faruque recently! Probably the Zionists are pressuring media moguls to side with the Zionist cause and promote them religiously. Most media outlets of this country including the British Broadcasting Corporation and Australian Broadcasting Corporation are reading Israeli Media Releases as news and commentary too!

Then again
The Strip Search of New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clerk and father and daughter episode including Lord Downer of Baghdad was covered up nicely by the Zionised media of Australia! The story, father and daughter episode, legs are open for business and the Brazilian connection are good enough to demonstrate the fact that many Australian politicians and power brokers would do anything for Israel.

Penultimately, most media outlets are mad about Hitler’s holocaust. Yet, they are blind and silent about Israeli holocaust continuum. Sadly though they do allow broadcasts of many blatant chitchat against Muslims and Arabs. Yet, they do not allow to say anything about Israeli/Zionist crimes, bad practices and policies against Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and mankind in general as demonstrated by
Faruque Ahmed at the middle of Final Statement and Not Final Solution.

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